Configuration E-Mail


Use the following information to set your email software.

Value Protocol Your Input
Outgoing mail server SMTP (SSL/TLS, Port 465)
Incoming mail server IMAP4 (SSL/TLS, Port 993)
Username für IMAP4 und SMTP Benutzername@ Kontext
Password für IMAP4 und SMTP Ihr myREIFF-Passwort

Security and Anti-Spam

The following rules have been introduced in order to reduce network service problems caused by attacks and SPAM. If one of these rules is violated, the message will be deleted and the sender and receiver will be notified.

Emails with multiple recipients in the TO and CC field are questionable. Therefore, you should always use the BCC field, not the TO and not the CC field to address your email.

All EXE files, PIF files, BAT-, SCR-, COM and VBS files are blocked on principle.

All emails that were marked as *****SPAM**** by the data center will be deleted automatically. If you subscribe to mailing lists, please make sure to subscribe to the TEXT format. Emails in HTML format are generally marked as SPAM.

Immediately delete all messages UNREAD, which contain attachments you did not specifically ask for. Exercise great caution when opening messages from senders you do not recognize.

When sending and receiving Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Access und Powerpoint), please note, that these can contain potentially dangerous program code in the macros. Therefore, you should only open documents from reliable senders.

Remember that the provider of the virus scanner cannot be faster than the cause of the attacks. It takes a while from the discovery of a virus until it can be blocked by the virus scanner and in the meantime your computer is "defenseless".