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Mentoring Program TANDEM
The interdisciplinary Mentoring Program TANDEM of RWTH Aachen University addresses dedicated students from the 3rd semester upwards(TANDEMstud) and Ph.D. students (TANDEMdok), who want to shape and develop their careers. The program focuses on the strengthening and expansion of existing potentials and skills of the participants (mentees). The interaction of the modules mentoring, training and networking allows an individual and effective support for job and career planning, the development of eligible strategies, as well as the establishment of sustainable networks.
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The Mentoring Program TANDEMplus is a cooperative project of RWTH Aachen University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Jülich Research Center. It is aimed at young female researchers in the final stages of their PhD and postdoctoral researchers of natural and engineering sciences, who are striving for a leading position in science or economics.

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The aim of the program TANDEMplus is to win highly qualified women with a background in natural sciences and/or engineering sciences from the participating institutions for a management position in science or the private sector.
In the long term, TANDEMplus has two main objectives:

  • Firstly, the already existing female junior scientists of natural sciences and engineering sciences become visible and are supported.
  • Secondly, the women with leadership qualities are meant to become positive role models for future generations, helping to recruit young female academics for leading positions.

Each program cycle of TANDEMplus lasts for one and half years and combines the three modules mentoring, training and networking. With the help of the individual one-to-one mentoring with a leader from sciences or economy, the women scientists can discover their potentials, set goals for their own career and develop strategies to achieve these goals. The mentors' experiences help the mentees to recognize career obstacles and to find ways to avoid them. Furthermore, the mentors introduce their mentees into existing networks and thus open up the opportunity to participate in the relevant scientific community for their area of expertise. These goals are supported by seven training days, which are thematically tailored to the needs of each cycle, as well as a total of four network meetings. An official opening event and a closing ceremony during which the certificates are awarded to the mentees tops off each cycle.


The participation in TANDEMplus greatly benefits both the mentee and the mentor.

The mentee


  • conveys knowledge about the different structures, processes and rules in research and economy and thus enables a more precise career planning,
  • enables goal-oriented counseling through the personal exchange with a mentor from the participant's area of expertise and promotes the professional skills of the mentee,
  • strengthens her personal potentials such as management and leadership skills,
  • supports the individual scholar by engaging her in a group of women in similar positions and
  • serves to expand the mentee's own network in order to get in touch with people working at universities, research institutions and enterprises.

The mentor

For the mentors, participation in TANDEMplus also provides value added, because it

  • offers new impulses and perspectives,
  • invites to reflect on one's own career path,
  • allows for a non-hierarchical contact with young scholars and insights in the young scientists' situation,
  • presents an opportunity to expand one's own counselling skills through special offers and it
  • adds to one's own contacts.

Participation conditions

  • active engagement in the mentoring relationship,
  • participation in the general program (opening and closing event),
  • participation in seminars and network meetings,
  • participation in the evaluation and
  • participation fee of 150,- Euros.


Applications are accepted for the mentoring program TANDEMplus after a two-step process, i.e. a written application and an assessment interview.
Your application should include:

  • letter of motivation
  • CV
  • short description of the current area of work or research
  • list of publications and scientific achievements
  • if applicable, letter of recommendation from a supervisor

Please send your application to the relevant contact person at your institution.

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