Introductory Information Summer Semester 2017



Peter Winandy

The welcome for the first semester master will take place on Wednesday, 04.04.2018 at 8.30 am in the lecture hall 1010/201, Hauptgebäude, Templergraben 55.

The introduction to CAMPUS will take place on the same day at 9.30 am in the lecture hall 1010/201, Hauptgebäude, Templergraben 55.

The presentation of the projects of the respective teaching units will also take place on Wednesday, 04.04.2018 from 10.00 am in the lecture hall 1010/201, Hauptgebäude, Templergraben 55.


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Campus Office

This support is supposed to offer help to the students of the Faculty of Architecture to register and manage courses and exams in the CAMPUS system available via the CAMPUS office. In this document, ways of individual application procedures are exemplarily given.

The presentation "CAMPUS for Master" provides the most important information regarding the use of CAMPUSoffice.

Here, you will find:

  • explanation of login and logout steps
  • current dates for the winter semester 2015/16
  • distinctive and new features in the Master Studies
  • hints and links for a quick start for the CAMPUS system

In case your problem is not listed here, please contact the email address mentioned below. We will gladly complete the presentation with further 'CAMPUS refinements'.


mentoring programme "Be Buddy"

"Be Buddy" is an informal mentoring programme initiated by the International Office of RWTH Aachen University which aims to enable newly enrolled international students to adjust to university life and living in a new city, and to meet, mix with, and learn from other RWTH students. Thus the International Office is intent on matching up each international student with an experienced RWTH student – if possible from the same faculty – who is to provide support and general information.

Further Information: BeBuddy