Sponsorship Awards

  Awardee BDA-SARP-Award 2012: Feyyaz Berber RWTH  

Sponsorship Awards for Students

  • Sponsorship Award of the Foundation of Germander Architects
    The aim of the sponsorship award is to promote excellent graduates and motivate them to start in the profession.
    Application: > 01. - 31. Oct. 2014
    Submission: > 09. + 10. Jan. 2015

  • BDB Student Sponsorship Award Student sponsorship
    The Association of German Master Builders, Architects and Engineers e.V. awards a sponsorship prize to students of architecture and civil engineering. Works showing exemplary solutions for the development of building of our time will be awarded. Works from the following areas are accepted: Buildings, civil engineering structures, constructions, urbanistic plannings. The BDB Student Sponsorship Award is offered every two years.

  • BDA Masters 2015 Academic Award of the BDA NRW - Master scholarships for Bachelor Graduates
    Since 2008, the BDA regional association of NRW annualy presents the "BDA Masters" study award. With this award, the BDA wants to motivate exceptionally gifted graduates of the Bachelor Studies in Architecture and Urban Planning to go on to their Master Studies. Up to five prizes of equal value are awarded, each endowed with 2,000 Euros. Students need a written recommendation of the dean in order to participate. Up to three outstanding Bachelor graduates of the winter semester 2014/15 or the summer semester 2015 can be nominated with their work.
    Nomination until: > 28.10.2015
    Submission of works until: > 9.11.2015

  • BDA-SARP-AWARD German-Polish Architecture Sponsorship Award
    The bilateral sponsorship award for graduates of the Department of Architecture at German and Polish universities honors a final thesis that demonstrates exemplary, pioneering ideas and an extraordinary creative talent of the author. The submitted projects need not be in thematic context with Poland. Each university may nominate their best Diploma or Master thesis each for the summer semester 2013 and winter semester 2013/14.

  • Sponsorship Award of the German Steel Construction
    Design projects with the topics steel construction and steel in the architecture and structural engineering will be awarded in order to promote young students.
    The next sponsorship award will be offered in the fall of 2015.

  • Archiprix International 2015
    Students, whose final theses were nominated as the best of the years 2012 to 2014 by their universities, can submit these for the competition. Next spring, the winners will be invited to a workshop to Madrid. The award ceremony will take place subsequently.
    Application until: > 1.09.2014
    Submission: > 30.09.2014