Ecole maternelle de Boboyo

Ecole maternelle de Boboyo



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a collaborative project with the University of Maroua

On Friday, the 24th of February, eight students of Reiff traveled to Cameroon for four weeks. Packed with plumb lines, spirit levels, prismatic squares and other implements of classical building measurement, they measured and trenched the building pits for the prototype of a new kindergarten in Boboyo.
The parameters for the design of the prototype had been developed during the previous semester in the seminar Arete under the direction of the departments Historic Building Conservation and Building Systems. Here, numerous studies on possible building designs with local materials were developed, which take the climatic conditions in Cameroon into account. Last year in May, these parameters were verified by means of test structures built in Maroua by students of the University of Maroua and RWTH Aachen University and will now be applied to the construction of the kindergarten.