PNDonline 1/2011 - New Issue Published

PNDonline 1/2011 - Aktuelle Ausgabe



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The new issue of PNDonline is all about »serialized stories«, whose extinction Klaus Selle regrets. Taking this as a cue, he starts a new serialized story about »Urbanity«. » be continued« is also the heading for the other contributions to SURVEY which refer to the research project »STARS ? urban spaces in areas of tension« and its follow-ups »STARSmulti« and »STARSinternational«. The category TOPICS is being continued in the current issue ? all in line with the serialized stories. The reading recommendations in the category MISCELLANEOUS give suggestions for special reflection.
The current Editorial shows an overview of the contents.
The complete issue is available on the online-platform: »Re-thinking Planning«