BDB Student Sponsorship Award 2011


Jens Johannisson received one of the three BDB Student Sponsorship Awards for his diploma thesis ?On the Power of Water?? (Department of Building Typologies, Univ.-Prof. Anne Bernhardt / Univ.-Prof. Meinrad Morger). Prizes were awarded to assignments that show exemplary solutions for the development of building in our time. In the section buildings, the assignments should deal with the concept of ?sustainability?, specifically in its environmental, social, cultural or aesthetic dimensions.

For the Student Sponsorship Award 2011, a total of 74 assignments were submitted. The award ceremony will be held on June 3rd 2011 in Munich.

Jens Johannisson also received the Young Architects Prize by the Foundation Deutsche Pfandbriefbank 2010 (> Nachrichten: 13.05.2011) for his work.