SUMMER ACADEMY ISTANBUL - Sto-Foundation: a first prize

Sommerakademie - Istanbul






The competition for Faculties of Architecture, arranged by the Sto-Foundation for the promotion of international courses, exchange programs, postgraduate and practice seminars as well as student research projects is decided. With their joint competition entry in the category Turkey - Structure and Time ? Substainable Modernization in the Historical Context of Beyoglu / Istanbul , the Departments of Theory of Architecture and Building Construction and Design won a first prize.

Together with the architectue faculty of Bahçesehir University Istanbul, the Departments Theory of Architecture and Building Construction and Design of the Faculty of Architecture of RWTH Aachen University with the support of the Sto-Foundation, organize a German-Turkish Summer Academy in Istanbul 2012.

This workshop will mainly serve to review and update the concept of structure. The aim is to develop structures which consider future usage requirements and, at the same time, to implement these structures into the context of the historical district Beyoglu in the sense of a specific and localized intervention.