Series A - Annual Report 2012-3 of the Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen University


The Series A 2012-3 has been published and is now available at the Dean?s Office for 5.00 Euros! Topic: Arts & Architecture The selected research projects of this report highlight the different aspects of the influence of art or art practice on the architectural education: The book project about the pictorial history of the ground plan outlines an analysis from an art historical and a cultural historical perspective and demonstrates the contents that can be found in this medium. The study of folding structures as a constructional principle shows how artistic methods, as, for instance, origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, can be adopted and hence utilized for architecture and technology.

The architectural photographs of the avant-garde photographer Sasha Stone impart the union of perception, emotion and thought. In addition we show ? as usual ? the best examples of our students? design work and the multifaceted teaching and research activities of our Faculty. Serie A 2012-3