RWTH Aachen University wins VDI Competition "Sustainable Wood Hotel"

VDI-Wettbewerb "Nachhaltiges Holzhotel"



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RWTH Aachen University students Kathrin Ebner, Elisa Lublasser and Sven Glaser won 1st prize for their design "Sustainable Wood Hotel" at the German Architecture Center (DAZ) in Berlin on May 16th.
The Master students of the RWTH Faculty of Architecture respectively Civil Engineering handed in a convincing interdisciplinary collaboration with a successful blend of functional design and intelligent structural planning. The design was supervised at the Department of Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD).

The response to this year's design competition was huge: 89 teams from 33 universities with a total of 297 students participated in the competition and sent their work to the VDI Society for Building and Building Technology. Each team had to submit a written essay and an energy / HVAC concept for the proposed design as well as produce two comprehensive plannings. The best 30 teams were invited to the finals in Berlin. Based on their plans, the student teams each got ten minutes time to present the best aspects of their designs to the jury.

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