Competition city Alsdorf: success for RWTH students

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Eight out of twelve prizes are won by students of the Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen

At the beginning of the year the city of Alsdorf set up the competition "New Center Alsdorf - Urban space and urban design". 46 students from RWTH Aachen, FH Aachen and FH Düsseldorf participated in this competition.

Apart from the design of the open areas near city hall, the city was looking for proposals on how to develop the approximately four hectares of central parking area on the Anna premises (Annagelände) in Alsdorf. This was the topic of the theses of the Master students.

Out of the eight prizewinners of the RWTH, two students dealt with "behind the parking lot - new center" in their Master theses and six students dealt with "behind city hall - farmland, movie theater, city hall" in their Bachelor theses.

The M1-project and the Bachelor thesis were supervised by Prof. Rolf Westerheide, Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning.

Supervising tutors M1-project: Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Krapp + Dipl.-Ing. Christine Korus

Supervising tutors Bachelor thesis: Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Klozoris + Dipl.-Ing. Sanaz Kashi