Recycling Mies


The current student-construction project of the Faculty of Architecture is the pavilion "FabrikatorCafé". This pavilion is currently being built by architecture students in front of the former tram depot in the north of Aachen. The shell construction of the pavilion is due to be completed by Friday, December 5. On that day a roofing ceremony is scheduled to take place around 4 pm. As part of the urban development program Social City the area is to be converted into a district center with social and creative amenities (KULTURDEPOT).

The material originates from an exhibition project which was displayed on the Egelsberg in Krefeld in 2013: a golf clubhouse that was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1930 but had never been realized, was built as an accessible 1:1 mock-up at the original site.

In order to revive the site during the building phase and to actively provide information about the project, it was suggested to build a temporary building in front of the Kulturdepot. This can be used as a small workshop with its main focus on FabrikatorCafé, as well as an INFOBOX for the duration of the reconstruction. It should offer a space that can be used as an exhibition room, a seminar room and an assembly room, for example for several committees in Aachen-North. Here citizens can be informed - through documentation consisting of photos and plans- about the current status of the construction work and about the future KULTURDEPOT.

Since 2005 the Department of Building Typologies offers the Design-Develop-Build Program. In the context of this Design-Develop-Build Program architecture students design buildings for educational and cultural institutions, which the students themselves then build as a 1:1 mock-up.

Regarding architecture as a social responsibility and implementing this and all that this implies, is the key element of this teaching format. Design-Build or student-construction projects are the perfect teaching format within architectural studies to connect teaching, research and practical application.