Schlaun Competition 2014/15

Schlaunwettbewerb 2014/15



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Second prize for RWTH graduates

This year's Schlaun Ideas Competition addressed the development of the former mine Sterkrade's premises in Oberhausen. The objective of the competition was the development of ideas for a district that bridges the dividing railway line and the attractive Volkspark and that interconnects with the center of Sterkrade.

Moritz Ebbers and Arne Frédérik Doerry won second place with the final thesis of their Master Studies Urban Planning (Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning)"Mine shaft Sterkrade/ collective living, individual habitation" out of a total of 60 entries in the field of urban design. The jury, chaired by Prof. Peter Zlonicky, especially acknowledged: "The identification of the residents with their residential area is the main concept of the work. The work convinces through clearly structured construction stages identifying a clearly defined center, intelligently arranged infrastructure provisions and bridges and an expected high quality of living."

From June 8 to June 19 all award-winning works will be exhibited in LVM's "Kristall" high-rise building, Kolde-Ring 21 in Münster.