Helmut-Hentrich-Foundation Award 2015 presented







This year RWTH-graduate Katrin Recker received 5 000 Euro in travel grants for an architectural journey around the world for her outstanding final thesis (examiners: Univ.-Prof. ir. Wim van den Bergh and Prof. i.V. ir. Fred Humblé).

At the beginning of June the jury, presided by Professor Markus Allmann (TU Stuttgart), convened to assess the entries submitted by the students. Each year the Board of Trustees of the Helmut-Hentrich-Foundation awards two travel grants.

The works that were chosen stood out from the total of 45 entries due to their elaborateness and their confident formal expression.

"Country outing - A house for rest and slowing down"
Katrin Recker, RWTH Aachen

Explanation: The conscious self-perception during a "country outing" is at the heart of the design. The house which is situated south from the Rursee presents itself as a reinterpretation of the Eifel primitive hut and serves as a retreat in the midst of nature. At the same time the simple house requires physical activities of the inhabitants in order to achieve a feeling of comfort in the living space.

Jury statement: According to the creator, the house should offer "a possibility of slowing down during hectic everyday life". But more so it seems that through her design the author has managed to move at a considerably slower pace and engage herself in this self-appointed task with a great love for construction, material and detail in a manner that seems uncommon in our times. In a carefully crafted book the author uses delicate images and drawings to depict the process from location analysis and house typology to making the design. The result is an initially very traditional, yet modern house built out of wood and a spatial structure consisting of precisely coordinated spaces. Similar to a construction manual, every detail from fire-place to built-in-cupboard to flooring, wall and window is thought through and described in an axonometric representation. The jury acknowledges the work because of its impressive substantive depth and the confident formal expression. (aj)

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