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How can agriculture contribute to the sustainable development of European cities? How can agriculture and horticulture create vital urban spaces that have new social and ecological qualities and are also economically viable?

These questions are dealt with in the book Urban Agriculture Europe now published at Jovis Publishers, Berlin. The volume is edited by Prof. Dr. Frank Lohrberg and Dipl.-Ing. Axel Timpe, Chair of Landscape Architecture at RWTH Aachen University, in collaboration with Prof. Lilli Lička, Vienna University of Lifesciences and Prof. Lionella Scazzosi, Politecnico di Milano.
Urban Agriculture Europe is the first comprehensive, transdisciplinary publication about Urban Agriculture in Europe. Apart from wellknown examples of urban food gardens in western European metropolises, this volume also studies innovative forms of periurban agriculture, bringing in experiences in eastern and southern Europe. The contributions approach Urban Agriculture from the point of view of social science, the economy, agricultural ecology, and spatial planning and address the role of citizens, involved parties, and politics, as well as operational models and planning tools. Case studies from Barcelona, Dublin, Geneva, Milan, Sofia, Warsaw, and the Ruhr metropolis allow a comparative view of European practice. Statements from involved parties and guidance for cities and regions round off the publication.
The book is based on the research cooperation COST Action Urban Agriculture Europe in which researchers and practitioners from 25 European countries worked on Urban Agriculture during four years.
Urban Agriculture Europe is available in European bookstores and directly at Jovis publishers starting in December 2015.
The book will be available in the United States and Canada through artbooks / D.A.P in March 2016. Orders can be sent to Jovis publishers on the attached order form.