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28.04.2010/Essen ? 01.12.2010/Cologne ?04.05.2011/Aachen
In the past decades, the term ?Industrial Heritage? was used to denote the impressive development and at the same time the preservation of old industrial objects and areas. Beyond all theoretical efforts with regard to defining the term, practice shows an abundance of examples of successful revitalizations of industrial buildings and factory areas. Each case is different and yet case groups can be detected within the diversity. These types of structural change are to be described and reflected in order arrive at a substantial definition of ?industrial Heritage? by means of empiricism.

The Ruhr Area was and is one of the central places, a true treasure of industrial culture, now recognized and celebrated as the cultural capital of Europe. Starting from specific problems concise answers were found in Essen and in the Ruhr Area mainly by energetic public funding and through the commitment of public institutions. The event series ?Industrial Heritage? will deal particularly with historic building conservation, cautious, value-oriented and resource-friendly approaches of structural change.

The series consists of 3 conferences at different venues, each with its own thematic focus. The one-day events build on each other thematically and relate to the specific background of industrial change.

Conference fees
25 Euros (free for students)
The conference is recognized by the Chamber of Architects NW as continuing education event

The number of participants at the conference is limited. We request a written registration within the conference office until 18.4.2010

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