Schinkel Competition 2014: Recognition Award for RWTH Students

Schinkelwettbewerb 2014: Anerkennungspreis Lageplan



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The 159. AIV Schinkel Competition dealt with Spandau - place of living, working, and economy, but also as a recreation, arts and culture attraction. The potential of the inner city should be examined more closely and its qualities should be honed. Traditionelly, the Schinkel Competition was announced interdisciplinary. It involved the subject categories Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Construction Engineering, Road Traffic Engineering, Rail Traffic Engineering, as well as Fine Arts.

RWTH students Christiane Kolb, Hannes Bäuerle, Philipp Maué and Marius Jungblut won a recognition award in the category Urban Design, which was supervised by the Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning.

Dokumentation of Schinkel Competition 2014 (article, p. 14)

Prize money totaling 20,500 Euros was awarded. As a result, the jury selected 14 designs and presented 15 special and recognition awards, and a Schinkel Award.

Exhibition of the winning works: March 12th to April 11th 2014
Location: The TU Berlin University Library, Fasanenstraße 88, 10623 Berlin