Series A - Annual Report 2013-4 of the Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen University


Series A - Annual Report 20134 of the Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen University, 2014, Aachen, 240 pages
vdf Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7281-3625-1, 20 €, (€ 5,00 for students of Faculty)

Topic: "The Knowledge and Science of Architecture - Export with a Benefit"
In the past years, our Faculty has undertaken this import and export of architectural know-how and its accessory parts very successfully.This has been practiced both synthetically as well as analytically: Be it low-budget building projects for Africa or Tibet, providing the underprivileged population with a minimum of modern social facilities such as sport halls or kindergartens, or analyses of urbanism and its history in Asian metropolises, or the conception and planning of a Faculty of Construction Engineering in the Congo in Africa. A win-win situation in all cases: We – meaning not only our Faculty of Architecture but including all researchers of architecture in the industrialized and highly civilized world who cooperate with other cultures in the same way - get involved in an international exchange of knowledge and experience. We import and demonstrate the usage of industrialized building technology in terms of material and processing and learn about centuries-old construction methods and their advantages. We experience urban self-education processes in developing countries and introduce our planning and communication methods. We use digital recording and measuring tools and become acquainted with building structures, urban structures and infrastructures of forgotten cultures.

In addition, we show –as usual – the best examples oft he design work of our students and the diverse teaching and research activities of our Faculty.

Teaser (first 30 pages) of the current issue Serie A 2013 4 :


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