CIP Pool of the Faculty of Architecture


The CIP Pool of the Faculty of Architecture is located in room R110 in Reiffmuseum and was last equipped with new hardware in the winter semester of 2009. It is operated by the CAAD Department.

The CIP Pool is open to all students of the Faculty of Architecture for study-related computer work. During the semester, the CIP Pool is open from 11 am - 5 pm. The use for non-course participants may be limited by courses that take place in the CIP Pool during the opening hours, i.e. no plot service, no assistance, etc. (look out for notices!).

During the semester break, the CIP Pool is available according to separate agreements either weekly and all-day for seminars or is also available weekly and all-day (11 am - 5 pm). The availability calendar will be announced shortly before the end of the semester as a bulletin.

You can view the CIP-Pool calendar here, or subscribe with this URL. (Right mouse button, copy link location.)

Plot service

Plot orders are executed without exception via the plot master. The plot master, which is integrated into myREIFF, allows to send off plot orders from anywhere in the world at any time. The plots are usually completed within two working days after sending and then can be paid for either at the CAAD secretary (cash) or at the CIP Pool (cash card) and then picked up at the CIP Pool. Please note that the CAAD secretary is open from 9 am - 3 pm and Fridays only to 1 pm. Generally, it is recommended to read the notes that appear in the plotmaster regarding the formats etc.

ICC color profiles

For exact color printing on the HP Designjet Z6100 in the CIP Pool of the Faculty, you can download the ICC Farbprofile relevant for our paper types.

Konzeptpapier HP Recycling Papier, 80 g/m²

HP Papier Bright White, 90 g/m²

Spezial Matt HP Papier Plus matt extraschwer, 210 g/m²
Spezial Photo HP Everyday Fotopapier hochglänzend, 235 g/m²
Spezial Seidenmatt HP Fotopapier seidenmatt, 190 g/m²
Zip-Datei Komprimierte Datei mit den fünf ICC_Profilen.