Gender and Diversity


The promotion of gender and diversity is a principle strongly integrated into the university structure and depicts a topic with great impact on management level.

RWTH is obliged by its „people policy“ to promote gender and diversity. In the context of the Excellence Initiative it has developed concepts that aim to create a culture of equal opportunities within its organisational structure and staff policy. RWTH Aachen highly encourages diversity of its members, the central goal being to be an attractive place of work and place of study for talented national and international students and staff. It furthermore enables its members to develop their individual potentials regardless of gender or socio-cultural backgrounds.

The faculty of architecture at RWTH Aachen has made it their duty to promote and demand a work ethic that is shaped by equality and togetherness from all of its members in academia, teaching, services and its students.

Contact Persons

Dr. Katharina Koop

Dr. Birgit Schillak-Hammers

In the appendix, links, downloads and other RWTH offers are available e.g. also with questions about gender aspects for applying for funding (see IGaD)