Postgraduate Studies Architecture

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Postgraduate Studies Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture is authorized to award the title 'Dr.-Ing'. PhD thesis topics are issued directly by the departments and teaching areas of the Faculty and are available on the respective websites. Important information can be gathered from the following documents:

PhD studies regulations for the Faculty of Architecture from 19.08.2009 (PDF-document, 51KB)

RWTH International - PhD studiesIDEA League – Grant scheme for research collaborations

PROMOS Foreign Exchange Scholarships: For stays abroad of RWTH students of all faculties within the Master or Diploma Studies (Masters or Diploma), for dissertations and internships Scholarships

DAAD-Stipendium für Doktoranden

Stipendiendatenbank der RWTH Aachen

PROMOS Auslandsstipendien: Für Auslandsaufenthalte von RWTH-Studierenden aller Fakultäten im Rahmen des Studiums (Master oder Diplom), von Doktorarbeiten und Praktika

Contact person for PhD studies at the Faculty of Architecture is Mrs. Immenkamp, Phone: (0241) 80-98131, Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9-12 AM, Room R 318, e-mail:

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