M.Sc. Urban Planning Examination Regulations 2009


Examination Regulations for the Masters Studies Urban Planning in the 1st modification order (complete version) from 01.03.2011

Equivalence MPO Urban Planning 1st modification order from 04.12.2012

In each semester there are projects at the center of the Master Studies, which form the central spine of the studies. Here, practical as well as research-related problems are tackled and the application of gained knowledge is tested.

  • A project forum is made available during the first semester: Several small topics are dealt with in order to get to know the spectrum of the studies with regards to contents. According to its profile, this forum is broadly based with regard to its subjects and intersects to a large scale with the study program of the Master Studies in Architecture.
  • For the second and the third semesters, consolidation projects are offered, which focus first on analyses and strategic concepts and then on composition and realization.
  • The final semester gives room to concentrate on the Master Thesis. Corresponding to the spectrum of the earlier project offers, individual focuses can be chosen for the Master Thesis.

The specialized contents are organized in two flanking threads:

  • Analogous to the Master Studies of Architecture theoretical and historical as well as methods and procedures are taught via compulsory modules.
  • Urban and Landscape Planning core contents are taught in projects. In addition to that, a wide spectrum of selection possibilities - also from the contents of architecture and the adjoining subjects - are offered. By way of individual subject combinations within the selective range students can accentuate their own focuses. The specialized contents requested by the Committee of Urban Planning of the AKNW are covered by the broad subject canon.

The faculties' student advisors will gladly help you with any further questions: