M.Sc. Urban Planning


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Basic Information

Master of Science
Start of Studies:
Winter Semester, Summer Semester
Standard Period of Studies:
4 semesters
ECTS Credits:
120Mehr Informationen

What does that mean?

ECTS are credit points that measure the workload of one's studies.


Admission Requirements

  • First university degree, required qualifications according to the examination regulations Mehr Informationen

    What does that mean?

    A first recognized university degree, through which the necessary education background for the Master course of study can be proven. The necessary knowledge needed in order for studies to be successful is determined in the respective exam regulations (PO).

  • Proficiency in German --- Mehr Informationen ---

    What does that mean?

    You must provide documentation of your language skills for the language of instruction at the time of enrollment. The exam regulations stipulate the relevant requirements.

Admission to First Semester


Admission to Higher Semesters


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Traditionally, an urban design study focus is part of the Aachen architecture education. It allowed and still allows graduates entrance into the field of urban planning.

The Masters Studies of Urban Planning at the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen follows this tradition: it builds on the common Bachelor Studies of Architecture, is linked closely to the Masters Studies of Architecture and in addition includes academic course offers from neighboring disciplines. Thus, a course of study is offered, which lives up to the comprehensive content-related requirements of the professional field and, at the same time, develops an independent profile with the integrated analysis of town and landscape.

The content-related exchange between the two Masters Studies of Architecture and Urban Planning is realized through integrated projects and the Elective Compulsory Modules. The Faculty has a broad range of specialized knowledge and ample personnel resources. The Departments of Urban Design and Regional Planning, Planning Theory and Urban Development, Landscape Architecture as well as the Department of Open Space and Landscape Planning are in charge of the conception of the Masters Studies of Urban Planning.

Profile and Potentials

In the history of town and regional development there are many examples of close and integrative cooperation of the disciplines of urban and landscape planning. This interdisciplinarity will be even more important in the future. Weak growth and declining demographic developments necessitate strategies of urban and regional development, of urban rebuilding and of innovative area development, in which a close link of urban and landscape planning is compulsory.

The Masters Studies include concrete urban and regional developments in the European area. The RWTH Aachen, with its trinational location in the industrialized urbanized Three-Nations-Area, has a unique opportunity.

The urban planning education at the RWTH offers, next to the close cooperation with architecture, manifold networking possibilities with established interdisciplinary contacts (civil engineers, business economists and geographers). Hence, the Masters Studies in their conceptualized form are also interesting themes for Bachelor graduates from these disciplines.

Further intensive cooperations exist with the relevant state ministries, the research institutions, with towns and communities as well as with real estate agencies.

In order to bring students in contact with professional figures from the praxis and to smoothen the career start by the use of networks, »mentor programs« and »professional field events« are organized, which also serve to continuously reflect the study contents. The system of Bachelor and Master, aimed at international appeal, offers great flexibility and makes the change to similarly conceived study programs of urban planning possible.

In addition, one-year postgraduate Master Studies are offered, which allow a broadening of special topical fields of integrative analysis of urban and regional development.

At the same time, the four-semester Masters Studies are research and practice oriented. The profile in key-words:

  • integrated analysis of urban and landscape development,
  • networking possibilities with offers from the Masters Studies of Architecture,
  • intensive conception and design training,
  • project-oriented studies leading to future working methods,
  • dealing with questions of process design,
  • practice-oriented studies through »professional field and mentor programs«,
  • practice-oriented scientific and conceptional work through the integration of research projects and academic courses.

The qualification

The Master Studies concentrates on the broad tasks of urban planners in the European Economic Area. It trains both for the classic fields of work and for new task areas. The typical sample of possible employers range from private planning offices to real estate industry, associations, institutions and research facilities up to and including public administrations.

The qualified degree »Master of Science« qualifies for chamber membership on the list of urban planners as well as job opportunities in the higher services of public administration and for the PhD degree at a European university.

The admission requirements

The entrance prerequisite consists of an accredited first graduate degree specialized in architecture, urban and spatial planning or other subject near degree programs by which the educational requirements for the Master Studies will be verified.

The educational requirements requires basic knowledge particularly in the subjects

  • Design and Presentation,
  • Design and Construction,
  • Cultural and Historical Basics of Architecture and Urban Design,
  • Urban Design, Urban Planning and Urban Development, Landscape Architecture
  • Standards, Law, Methods, Costs as well as the successful application of this knowledge in the context of projects and drafts.

Prerequisite to apply to university is a six-month internship. Until the end of the transition period in 2011 the application can be submitted without an internship. However, this must be completed at the beginning of the Masters Final Exam