Bachelor theses


Dates Bachelor Thesis SoSe 2021

22.03.21 Latest date for submission of application for admission to ZPA

26.03.21 Presentation B4 via Zoom          

06.04.21 End of course selection B4                   

07.04.21 Allocation of places B4                     

09.04.21 Issue B4

15.05.21 Setup of the Moodle room for the Bachelor's thesis; in this room, the submissions will take place.

09.07.21 Handing in B4

12. - 16.07.21 Exams



The presentation of the bachelor topics will take place on 3/26/21 from 9:00 am - 10:00 am via Zoom:

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Meeting-ID: 921 3535 4610
Kenncode: 402544
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For all further information please refer to the following document.