Master theses


Dates Masterthesis SoSe 2021

03.03.21 Students submit their application for admission to the ZPA including the confirmation of supervision for the free topics (i.e. signatures of first and second examiners).

03.03.21 Start of elective procedure for Master's thesis SoSe (choice of supervising teaching unit)

07.03.21 End of the elective procedure for the submitted Master's thesis

10.03.21 Allocation of places for Master's thesis submitted

19.03.21 Start of work on master's thesis, issue of master's thesis submitted

26.04.21 Set-up of the Moodle room for the Master's thesis; this is where the submissions take place.

20.08.21 Submission of Master's thesis

23.-27.08. Examinations Masterthesis

01.09.21 Master tour (Wednesdays)

Dates Masterthesis WiSe 2021/22

21.04.21 Info event Masterthesis WiSe 2021/22

01.06.21 Submit preliminary project outline/thesis exposé to teaching units

07.-20.06 Declaration of intent Masterthesis in RWTHonline

15.06.21 Feedback from requested teaching units, preliminary confirmation of supervision or rejection

until 16.07. Elaboration and submission of project outline/thesis exposé

until 01.08. Recommendation binding confirmation of supervision by teaching unit

Beginning of Sept. admission

Mid Sept. issue         

Mid-February Submission