BDA Masters 2023


The Faculty of Architecture is delighted to congratulate Maike Jungius and Jonathan Wahl on being awarded this year's "BDA Masters 2023" prize by the BDA Landesverband NRW! Maike Jungius was honored for her bachelor thesis "STRUCTURE AS A CONCEPT - a.werkatelier.without.limits", which was supervised at the Chair of Building Construction (Prof. Hartwig Schneider). Jonathan Wahl was also able to convince the jury of his work with his thesis "Anchoring the future of Perast", Chair of Building Theory (Prof. Anne-Julchen Bernhardt). The Faculty of Architecture congratulates its talented Bachelor graduates on this well-deserved success.

Jury decision Maike Jungius:

"Maike Jungius succeeds in working through her design convincingly in terms of construction and in giving it a clarity of design by reducing it to the essentials. The result is a studio without limits, both literally and figuratively, which can be adapted to future requirements and expanded sensibly with additional modules."

Jury decision Jonathan Wahl:

"Jonathan Wahl's work deals with the transformation and reprogramming of two churches in Perast on the coast of Montenegro. Derived from the craft tradition of the place, the obsolete sacred spaces are made readable and usable in a new way with a boat workshop."

Further information can also be found on the BDA NRW website.