3rd prize in the Otto Linne Prize 2023

  Copyright: © BUKEA, Lukas Kühle

The Faculty of Architecture congratulates Ann Juergens and Anna Hinge, students in the Master's programme in Urban Planning, on winning 3rd prize in the Otto Linne Prize of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. In their design studio at the Institute of Landscape Architecture in summer 2023, Ann and Anna developed the GrüNetz (greeNet) concept for the Hamburg-Eißendorf neighbourhood in the district of Harburg.

The Otto Linne Prize invites students and young graduates to take a look at current and future challenges in urban landscape architecture and open space planning. Students from other disciplines are eligible to participate if they are supervised by a chair of landscape architecture. This year, the focus was on the strategic future issue of climate adaptation - innovative ideas for the blue-green neighbourhood of tomorrow were sought using the example of an existing 1960s neighbourhood in Hamburg-Eißendorf in the district of Harburg. What can a neighbourhood look like in times of changing climatic conditions? What developments are desirable? And where do we need to take action? Ann and Anna's design provides answers to these questions that are realisable and adapted to the special features of the location.

From the jury's assessment:

"Anna Hinge and Ann Hua Juergens, students of urban planning at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, were awarded third prize for their "GrüNetz" idea, in which three differently designed strips divide the neighbourhood into the areas "green", "urban" and "lively". A well thought-out system of troughs, cisterns and basins serves to store and retain water."