proGIreg Kick-Off Conference: 25.09.-26.09.2018


The conference in Dortmund will be the public kick-off for proGIreg. 


About the Conference

The conference in Dortmund will be the public kick-off for proGIreg and introduce the topic of nature-based solutions for urban regeneration to the wider public. Cities involved in the project will present their ideas for nature-based solutions, exchange knowledge, discuss solutions and challenges, and raise questions that need to be tackled in the course of the project.

ProGIreg invites all people and organisations interested in nature-based solutions to join the conference and discuss ideas and the potential of productive Green Infrastructure for urban regeneration.


About proGIreg

The proGIreg project will address these challenges by developing green infrastructure for post-industrial areas. This European Commission-funded project, coordinated by the Chair of Landscape Architecture at the University RWTH Aachen together with 34 partner organisations, runs from 2018 until 2023. It brings together the ‘front-runner’ cities of Dortmund (Germany), Torino (Italy), Zagreb (Croatia), and Ningbo (China), where different types of nature-based solutions will be tested and developed.

Local communities of the Living Labs - the specic areas where the nature-based solutionswill be tested and developed in a real-life environment - are central to this project and will be involved at all stages of the project from design to implementation. The ‘follower’ cities of Cascais (Portugal), Piraeus (Greece), Cluj Napoca (Romania) and Zenica (Bosnia Herzegovina) will costeer the process since they will replicate and continue to develop the nature- based solution models in their cities. All involved will have the opportunities to learn from each other through training sessions – both in-person at conferences as well as in on-line courses.

Conference Venue
‚Alte Schmiede‘
Hülshof 32
44369 Dortmund-Huckarde



Dr.-Ing. Axel Timpe

Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsarchitektur