Symposium: “GROWING BAD? The Regional Sub-Urban Housing Challenge” 06.09.-07.09.2018


The symposium with workshops on housing for urban planners and researchers in Aachen.


The two-day scientific symposium will focus on regional housing markets under structural pressures and their implications on suburban development. The aim is to clarify links and interdependencies between the coordination and regional re-distribution of housing demand within the urban and sub-urban context of growing urban areas in industrialized countries. At the same time, it seeks to analytically grasp implications of diversifying functional requirements and forms of accommodation on housing within the existing suburban environment. By asking how to accommodate inhabitants within the competitive setting of urban-suburban settlement patterns, the focus will be on trends that break traditional rules and practices through innovative approaches in regional governance, land and housing estate management as well as urban design.

Handwerkskammer Aachen
Sandkaulbach 17-21
52062 Aachen