Exhibition GENOVA

Wednesday, July 19 2023

  Poster Exhibition GENOVA Copyright: © k:g

Actually, for us, travelling is always about exploring a place as 'terra incognita' and seeing other people's natural and built environment with new eyes and in a different light, overcoming distance! And how much more do we see when we go off together and inspire and be inspired by each other while drawing in an exciting place!

During the excursion week (25.5.-4.6.), together with 40 students, we saw GENUA + EXPERIENCED WITH ALL THE SENSES! And we brought back many wonderful works.

On 19.7. at 6pm we will open the exhibition of the works created in the KüG rooms on the 2nd floor of the Reiff and cordially invite all interested parties to come and celebrate with us. The exhibition can be visited in the rooms of the department until the beginning of the winter semester 23/24.