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Talk series of the Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism


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Monday, 27th of September 2021, 6pm

#6: What contribution can research make to sustainable spatial development in the Rhenish Mining Region?



  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Theo Koetter, University of Bonn
    GROWTH. Sustainable Agri-Urban Growing Together
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving, TU Dortmund University
    DAZWISCHEN. Future-oriented structural change in the Rhenish mining area
  • Benjamin Vossen, Revierknoten Raum
    Insights into the ideas of the planning teams for the Rhenish Revier spatial strategy


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Monday, 25th of October 2021, 6pm

#7: Climate-sensitive spatial development - reconstruction after the flood disaster



  • "Effects and consequences of the flood 2021"
    Prof. Dr. Holger Schüttrumpf
    Chair and Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management, RWTH Aachen University 
  • "Sponge city"- Concepts for the heat-adapted and water-sensitive city
    Dr. Carlo W. Becker
    Landscape Architect, bgmr Berlin 
  • "Why did the floods happen and what can we do about them?"
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving
    TU Dortmund University


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Monday, 29th of November 2021, 6pm

#8: Interim presentation on the integrated spatial strategy 2038+


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