The LearnLab is located in room 110 and open to all students of the Faculty of Architecture for study-related computer work.

It provides
- powerful, contemporary graphic workstations for demanding tasks
(rendering, video-editing, modelling, layout, image-editing etc.)
- large-format plotters and printers at affordable costs
- VR equipment (HMD, trackers)

to be used by students.

Friendly, knoweldgeable student assistants will provide support for many digital tasks related to the studies.

During the semester, the LearnLab is open from 11 am - 5 pm. The use for non-course participants may be limited by courses that take place in the LearnLab during the opening hours, i.e. no plot service, no assistance, etc. (look out for notices!). It is operated by the Dedsing Computation Chair.

During the semester break, the LearnLab is available according to separate agreements either weekly and all-day for seminars or is also available weekly and all-day (11 am - 5 pm). The availability calendar will be announced shortly before the end of the semester as a bulletin.

You can view the LearnLab calendar here, or subscribe with this URL.