Adjunct Professors

  • BRUCHHAUS, Gundolf, Dipl.-Ing., 13.4.2006, Urban District Planning
  • DAUBER, Reinhard, Dr.-Ing., 23.8.1990, History of Architecture  specializing in  Historic Building Conservation
  • GERHARDT, Rolf, Dr.-Ing., AOR, 5.06.2013, Structures and Structural Design
  • GERLACH, Peter, Dr.phil, 29.1.1991, Medieval and Modern History of Art
  • MEISEL, Klaus, Dr. rer. nat., 02.2.1982, Landscape Ecology with Special Reference to Vegetation Science
  • THEIS-KRÖMER, Sabine, Dr.-Ing., 15.7.1994, Development Forms - Elements of Design
  • WESTERHEIDE, Rolf, Dipl.-Ing. Bauass., AOR, 5.06.2013, Urban Design and Regional Planning

The date after the name indicates the day of the nomination.