Healthy Living Spaces

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Topics of the teaching and research area Healthy Living Spaces are the prevention of so-called building-related health disorders, innovative approaches to the design of living spaces and buildings, analysis of sources of disturbance, and development and establishment of preventive measures.

Course offering at the Faculty of Architecture:

Summer Semester 2023
- Healing Architecture | Future Geriatric Labs
Elective course at Master level
- Health-promoting School | Strategies for Retrofitting an Existing Buildings
M1 Studio

Winter Semester 2022/2023
- Minimalinvasiv | Healing Architecture and the paediatric heart surgery at UKA
Elective course Bachelor's degree (recommended from the 5th semester)
- Healthy Homes Köln-Kreuzfeld | Designs for Healthy Living in „The Woodhood“
M1 Studio

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