VPN and working from home


Quick guide to the RWTH VPN for working from home or situational mobile work.



You can check your emails without a VPN connection, please use


VPN and working from home

In order to work from home, you need your accounts login data for the faculty server and an active VPN connection to the RWTH network. The login to the server of the faculty can be found in the PDF, which you have received from the Faculty's IT Service. There you will also find the required network paths for your chair.

For the other services use your ID for the IdM Self Service (TIM ID).

Requirements are:

  • VPN account in the self-service
  • VPN software on the computer/mobile device
  • Login for the IdM Self Service
  • Login for the faculty server
  • Current operating system (Windows 10, macOS 10.13 and above)

The VPN account

In the self-service, you first set the password for the VPN service yourself if you have not already done so. To do so, open the self-service website and navigate to Accounts and Passwords in the left column. There you will find the VPN almost at the bottom line of the Change Passwords tab. Place a check mark in front of the line and click next, then follow the other dialogs.

If you cannot find the entry VPN you have to set up the VPN access data first in the create account tab.

Cisco AnyConnect Software

The integrated VPN solutions of almost all operating systems, no longer work after the IT Center has restructured its services. You will have to use the Cisco AnyConnect Client. For your mobile devices please use the corresponding App Store. You can download the software for your computer from this page in our IT Center. It is important to use the latest version of the client. In case of any errors, please check for updated versions.

After installation, start the program and connect to the server vpn.rwth-aachen.de. Use your TIM ID and the VPN password you have just created on the self-service page. It appears to be helpful to select the option Split Tunnel in the Cisco AnyConnect, because with this option only the network traffic into the RWTH runs through the VPN server. This saves resources. Just a few services like some RWTH stores actually require the Full Tunnel.

Information pages of the IT Center: https://help.itc.rwth-aachen.de/service

Access to the faculty server

They set up access to the faculty server with the data from the above-mentioned PDF. Instructions for your operating system can be found on the net. Here are just two examples:

macOS (Mac OS X) Windows

Telephone system

Due to the current situation, you can also forward your business telephone to your private telephone number without the TK Antrag form. You will find instructions on how to do this in the IT Center documentation.