Housing change in the crisis!

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Become a partner:in the ad-hoc research project of the MoH Making of Housing research network in autumn and winter 2022/23!



Due to Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine and the associated sanctions and reduced gas supplies, the population is being urged by politicians and the media to save energy - especially heating energy - and to prepare for the possibility of supply shortages in the coming winter. For example, the Energy Saving Act, which will come into force on 01.09.2022, stipulates that public buildings should be heated to a maximum of 19°C. Due to the sharp rise in electricity and gas prices, the need and willingness for energy-saving measures is also increasing.

While the social changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic were sudden and unexpected, the coming winter offers an unprecedented opportunity to conduct accompanying research on the effects of a crisis on the processes of change and adaptation of residents in their homes.


The primary goal of this research project is to investigate the adaptation processes of the people living around the house in the course of the energy crisis and, as far as possible under the given boundary conditions, to obtain scientifically sound findings. The topic of housing change is to be illuminated from the building component and the building services to the living practice within the dwelling to the out-of-home activities and thus also the living-working rhythms.

At the same time, the secondary goal of the research project is to record the information needs of residents and to make this information available to politicians, administrators and other actors in the short term.

Contact persons

Department of Healthy Living Spaces, Aachen University Hospital

  • Prof. Dr. Marcel Schweiker | mschweiker@ukaachen.de

Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development, RWTH Aachen University

  • Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster | foerster@pt.rwth-aachen.de
  • Helena Schulte | schulte@pt.rwth-aachen.de