Honorary Professors

  • BUNTENBROICH, Lothar, Dipl.-Ing., since 22.01.2014, Public Building Law
  • FICKERT, Hans Carl, Dr. jur., Ltd. Head of Division, since 08.7.1988, Building and Planning Law
  • KOSCHIK, Harald, Dr.phil. since 16.4.2002, Archaeology and Preservation and Care of Field Monuments
  • KRAMER, Heinrich, Dr.-Ing., since 18.10.2000, Artificial and Natural Light, Technology and Design
  • KUNDE, Harald, Dipl.päd., since 18.7.2008, History of Art
  • MEISEL, Ulli, Dipl.-Ing., since 26.9.2005, Modernization of Old Buildings - Sustainable Development of Current Building Stocks
  • NEUKÄTER, Hans-Joachim, Dipl.Ing., since 28.8.2002, Spacial - Construction and Design
  • SCHNEIDER, Ulrich, Dr. phil., since 06.7.1999, Museum Studies/Collection's History
  • SIEGBURG, Frank, seit 21.10.2015, Private Building Law
  • TEMME, Heinz-Georg, Dipl.-Ing., Head of Division, since 08.2.2000, Public Building Law
  • WERNER, Ulrich, Dr. jur., Attorney, since 08.3.1996, Private and Public Building Law

The date after the name indicates the day of the nomination.