Exhibition of a cultural landscape – making cultural heritage visible

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In 2010 UNESCO placed the historical Upper Harz Water Management System on the World Heritage List. Together with the old town of Goslar and the Rammelsberg exhibition mines it represents one of the largest areas of historical cultural landscapes. Its historical-technical evidence of a pre-industrial energy supply system, created through the utilization of water power and the natural resources for mining, is globally significant. In order to use the historical cultural landscape as potential for development projects, concepts are devised that make the special features of the Upper Harz Water Management System visible in their entirety and integrate them in the existing tourist-museum destinations.

The student designs took up this idea and specifically for the mining town Sankt Andreasberg developed concepts for an „Exhibition of the Cultural Landscape‟, focusing on the key themes of the cultural heritage: mining, energy, settlement, architecture, landscape and humans. The main objective of the assignment was the interlinking –especially through visual and physical connections- of the local elements of the water management system and the surroundings of the significant historical mine Samson with an information center that will be newly designed.

The designs of the students were exhibited in the context of the special exhibition „Perspectives on the World Heritage‟ in the mines of Rammelsberg from May until November 2014 (photo 4).

Student project

Course type:
M1 Master Studies Architecture and M1 Master Studies Urban Planning

WS 2013/14

Department responsible:
Department of Landscape Planning

Staff involved:
Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Klöppel

Project Partner:
Department of History of Architecture
Vertr.-Prof. Dr. Anke Fissabre
Dipl. Arch. Bruno Schindler
Carsten Hensgens M.Sc

External Partner:
UNESCO World Cultural Heritage | Mines of Rammelsberg

Key words:
Historical cultural landscape, cultural heritage and identity,
Unesco World Heritage Upper Harz Water Management System,
History of Architecture Mining towns in the Upper Harz


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