Cultural Heritage


Over the last decades the sustainable conservation of cultural heritage has developed into a key challenge around the world. In this context the urbanization megatrend raises the question how new things can come into existence that respect and uphold the values and qualities handed down in what had been previously built, particularly in urban areas. For a long time the Faculty of Architecture of the RWTH Aachen University has distinguished itself through its special expertise in these matters, amongst other things a Unesco-Chair in World Cultural and Urban Landscapes is based here. In order to extend this expertise and address it internationally, several departments cooperate within a collaborative research field Cultural Heritage.

We carry out research into how cultural and historical identity form and which overall concepts, actors and institutions play a part in this formation. In order to take into account the dynamics of social and economic change, we explore a broader, performative notion of monument– starting with implications of a general culture of knowledge and collecting through to the planning options to depict the added value of cultural heritage in the urban and regional context.

Our goal is to establish theories and methods that comprehend and develop cultural heritage as a social, economical and political resource.

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