IDEA League Research Grant

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What is the IDEA League?

The IDEA League is a collaborative network between the leading European universities of science and technology:

Delft University of Technology

ETH Zürich - Swiss Federal Institue of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology

Politecnico di Milano

RWTH Aachen University

Since its foundation in 1999, the IDEA League has promoted collaboration between the universities named above through joint degree programs, research initiatives, joint strategy papers, and quality management initiatives.

IDEA League Research Grant

The IDEA League grants promote research collaboration between the participating universities. Bachelor's, Master's, and Diplom students and doctoral candidates are eligible to apply for these grants.

The grant scheme enables students to undertake a research stay at an IDEA League university in order to do research, for example, for a thesis or dissertation. Grantholders do not attend courses and seminars at the host institution.

The IDEA League research grant is awarded on a competitive basis. The amount granted is 400 to 600 euros per month, depending on the number and quality of applications received per application round. There are no restrictions for the use of the grant and it is not expected to cover all costs of the exchange.