Funktionalisierte Textilfassaden: Innovationspotenziale für die Entwicklung nachhaltiger Gebäudehüllen

Serode, Jan Frank; Schneider, Hartwig (Thesis advisor); Gries, Thomas (Thesis advisor)

Aachen : Shaker (2021)
Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Dissertation, RWTH Aachen University, 2020


Conventional textile building skins are currently used as systems in front of the thermal building envelope, which are mainly used for building design or to support the protective functions of building envelopes. Guided by the guiding principle of "smart building skins", the idea functionalizing of textile building skins was born with the aim of creating a solution for socially highly relevant problems, such as climate, environmental and health protection. For the first time, systematic investigations were carried out for functionalized textile façades. The possibilities of functionalization range from the simple modification of conventional standard fabrics to extensive new developments. In three work processes the conception, realization and testing were carried out exemplary for façade-integrated air cleaning, energy generation and illumination. Functional models were developed and tested at different technological levels of maturity. They include investigations in the laboratory, production of prototypes up to constructional approved testing in real operation. A further focus of this work is the approach to promote the acceptance of textile façades by considering a disturbance-free user perception. An ophthalmological test for visual perception was developed for the view through the microperforated façade fabrics to the outside. Different design influences of the textile building skins, with regard to the influencing parameters structural geometry and colour design, were tested. The results can make a significant contribution to more diverse possibilities in the system development of textile façades and can also be transferred to conventional façade systems. The promising results serve as a basis for further investigations in the new field of work. Overall, the work demonstrates that individual functionalization can create new, architecturally valuable contributions that have not been associated with textile building skins until now.


  • Chair of Structural Design [211410]