EDV in der städtebaulichen Planung : ihre Anwendung in der Planungspraxis der verbindlichen Bauleitplanung deutscher Großstädte

Pflüger, Frank; Fehl, Gerhard (Thesis advisor)

Aachen : Publikationsserver der RWTH Aachen University (2000)
Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Aachen, Techn. Hochsch., Diss., 2000


Urban planning can no longer be imagined without the use of information technology. Nevertheless, in comparison to the results of private enterprises, municipal planning institutions seem to have a rather difficult approach to the new technologies. The aim of this report is to find reasons for the hesitant use of IT in municipal planning institutions, and to develop suggestions how the modern technology can be successfully integrated into the practice of the binding urban planning. Besides providing an overview of the historic development of the use of IT in city planning (chapter 3), the report examines the legal implications of IT use in city planning (chapter 4), and the integration of the development scheme into the municipal system of city planning (chapter 5). Chapter 6 describes the technical and organizational requirements that are necessary to realize a consistent, process-orientated IT support in the binding urban planning. The consequent use of information technology facilitates the qualified city planning process and hence secures and enlarges the horizons of city planning.