Finn Matti Hirtz // Add-On – Extension of the University Bonn



The design task was a seminar building with rooms of different sizes for general use for the University of Bonn. The construction site is located at the north-eastern tip of the Bonn Hofgarten, opposite the university club and its magnificent stock of trees, with a view of the Rhine. It is prominently situated between the east wing of the baroque electoral palace (today's main building of the university) and the Lenné house from the 18th century. In order to please all these local influencing factors, it was necessary to create a floor plan that opens up equally on all sides and allows for an all-round free façade and exposure. The central access and utility core is asymmetrically situated in the building and divides it into a smaller, multifunctional area in the east and a larger area in the west that faces the palace and is used purely for seminars. The seminar area can be divided into two and three parts on the upper floors to allow greater flexibility in seminar and group sizes. The vertical organization is influenced by the cornice heights of the castle. The main rooms adapt the floor height of approx. 6m, the utility rooms in the core are half-storey with a room height of 2.75m and are adjusted to their function. In its external appearance, the new building also adopts elements of the castle. The building is divided into a lower part, which appears more massive due to the unitized façade, and an "upper" attic, which appears more filigree due to the smaller gridded mullion and transom façade. The classic architectural elements of the east wing serve as a reference but are abstracted and functionalized. For example, the pilasters become strips of louvre windows that provide ventilation; the plinth becomes a band of double doors that allow fluctuation and make the rooms on the ground floor completely openable to the park. The cornices contain textile screens that take over the sun protection and protect the façade, and the top floor serves the purpose of a panorama view.


Examiner: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Hartwig Schneider
Co-Examiner: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Schröder
Supervisor: Sven Aretz, Roman Krükel, Benedikt Surmann

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