Johannes Bergerfurth // Add-On – Extension of the University Bonn



The aim of my design was to achieve maximum flexibility of use, on the one hand with regard to the tasks that a seminar building has to fulfil, but on the other hand it should also be possible to use the building for other purposes in the future, should it be rededicated. Therefore, the building consists of a simple cube with two open access systems on both long sides. In addition, the core of the building with the service rooms is moved to the side towards the east wing, leaving a column-free interior. This can be divided into different room configurations by means of mobile partition walls and can thus be adapted to requirements. At the same time, the two arcades allow for easy escape. The depth of the design is oriented towards the east wing, which is characteristic of the site, but its dissolved structure does not separate the Stadtgarten from the Konviktstraße; instead, its proximity to the east wing creates a new square between the Lenné House and the seminar building. This is framed by the projecting staircases and is to be understood as a connection between the seminar rooms and the outside space. In this way, the lower floor also opens up in this third direction and thus offers even more possibilities for use beyond the usual everyday university life.


Examiner: Prof. Hartwig Schneider
Co-Examiner: Prof. Uwe Schröder
Supervisor: Sven Aretz, Roman Krükel, Benedikt Surmann

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