Juliane Pfeiffer // Aktion Park Aachen



The Project Action park Aachen creates a contrast in a city centre dominated by commercial con-sumerism. In the recent pandemic it has become more and more apparent, that there is a lack of public sport and movement spaces especially in the inner city. A lot of young people live in small apartments In this area of Aachen so this fact was highly noticeable here. In the Project an area of Sport, Play and Relaxation for all age groups is created for all User groups of the inner city, not only the young residents but also the very young and older visitors. Because these age groups have very different requirements, their areas of use are separated by the already existing topography of the premise. There are a multitude of elements planned in different sections of the site. A playground and water play area for younger children, a skatepark and sports equipment for young adults as well as a green are for all age groups. The skatepark reuses the already existing upper levels of the under-ground garage, which itself remains functional. The sales and administrative area of Sinn Leffers is being reduced and a multifunctional hall takes its space. It is in part open, in part closed. In the bordering buildings a café with an outside seat-ing area finds its space. This café also handles the renting out of the necessary sports and play equipment for the outdoors and indoors areas. An ecological aspect of the project is the use of the skate bowl as a rain retention area, the photo-voltaic panels on the roof of the Shed hall and the careful preservation and extension of the al-ready existing greenery.


Examiner: Lohrberg Frank; Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Co-Examiner: Humble Godefridus Josephus; Ir.
Supervisor: Silvia Beretta

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