Kamelia Stoycheva // Modular Container Buildings



The aim of the bachelor thesis "Mobile Factory" is an architectural project with a focus on recycled materials and their use in the sense of solving a socially significant problem. The topic mainly deals with the adaptation of used shipping containers into livable, inexpensive small apartments according to the tiny house principle in order to overcome the problem of student housing shortages. Automated and mobile production processes should be considered with a focus on recyclable construction and the use of sustainable materials. The design, made by Mobile Fabrik, represents a building in the shape of a rotating tower, with a rotation angle of 12 degrees. The only modules occupy an entire floor, are attached to one another using centered semi-automatic twistlocks and are stacked according to the hybrid module system.


Examiner: Prof. Dr. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan
Co-Examiner: Prof. Dr. Linda Hildebrand
Supervisor: Eike Stührenberg

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