Laura Becker // Aachen INsideOUT, Logistics Hub



The background of the design refers to the increasing online trade, which can be derived from the desolate city center in Aachen and the resulting isolation of the people. The project attempts to counteract this problem by involve online trading in the everyday life in the city, while also integrating it equally in people’s everyday lives. The design focuses on the textile area as this department has the highest return rate. Through targeted and small interventions in regards to the existing building, by opening, sup-plementing and linking new rooms associated with the new functions, it results in a newly freed up space for the public. Concretely, a newer place emerges, which is supported and enlivened by the collection, returns, repairs and personalization of goods as well as the sale of returned items. As a result, a logistics hub is created for the area, which is integrated into the everyday life, which also invites residents and visitors to linger around with flexible out-door and indoor areas.A new encounter in the space, in which online trading has become visible.


Examiner: Prof. Frank Lohrberg
Co-Examiner: Prof. i.v. Fred Humblé
Supervisor: Silvia Beretta

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