Lennart Meinert // Add-On – Extension of the University Bonn



The main task of this bachelor thesis consists of a draft for an addition to the Bonn University right next to the very popular municipal park and the Rhine River. The fo-cus was on finding a balance between the palace right next to the plot and deriving a reasonable response in volume and character of the new seminar building, which had to consist of differently sized seminar rooms with at least one of the rooms be-ing at least 200m². Proportions were a big factor in the process of creating this draft, because it had to respond to the different requirements of learning formats such as workshops or lec-tures. The two biggest rooms have a square proportion of 1:1 to enable more group focused learning while the medium sized rooms had a narrower proportion of 1:2 to facilitate better viewing angles for lectures and presentations. All the planned semi-nar rooms are easily dividable trough mobile walls in order to grant more flexibility in using the spaces as required by the planned formats that day. The wooden façade of the draft reflects the character and structure of the palace as well as borrows some elevation widths and opening sizes in an abstract form, result-ing in a rather reserved and neutral way of fitting into the heavily historically influ-enced context.


Examiner: Hartwig Schneider
Co-Examiner: Uwe Schröder
Supervisor: Benedikt Surmann, Sven Aretz, Roman Krükel

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