Simon Ibald // Add-On Extension of the University Bonn



The university Bonn needs more space to expand its teaching. Therefore it wants to investigate the potential of a property situated between the east wing of the castle and the house of the famous gardener Lenne. The complexity is created by the situa-tion of the property. The main building of the university borders the great park and creates the scenery for the park. This motif stretches from the kaiser square to the property over a length of nearly 500 meters. At the property there is a gap and a view through to the garden of the university club. The location of the property in the park has great atmospheric qualities. These qualities are created by the old bastion, which is a landmark, a beer garden and a greenfield for sitting. The design works with the look at the building and out of the building and plays with the borders between park and seminary building. It can be described as a light pavilion that is able to fit in be-tween the challenging space in between castle and lenne house. The challenge of the task was to find the fine line of appropriateness as there is the danger of overtaxing the place.


Examiner: Hartwig Schneider
Co-Examiner: Uwe Schröder
Supervisor: Roman Krükel, Sven Arretz, Benedikt Surrmann

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