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The area around Lochnerstrasse and Westpark in Aachen holds a great historical past. The Aachen cloth manufacturer Emil Lochner opened the Lochnergarten with a zoological garden and a large glass palace in 1885. In 1920, the city of Aachen took over the property, creating today's Westpark. Nothing has been preserved from the former stock. Nevertheless, the park still counts as a leisure and recreation center of Aachen's West. In addition to the green areas around the pond, the park currently offers playgrounds and sports fields. However, there is a lack of gastronomic offers or a place of "meeting and exchange". Thus, the quality of stay and use of the park is strongly determined by the weather conditions. Lochnerstrasse forms a direct connection between the park and the city center. It is characterized by Aachen three-window houses and the former villa of Emil Lochner. Due to the many small commercial units on the first floors, the street appears open and lively. The Aachen population is largely made up of senior citizens and students. There are a number of retirement homes, assisted living facilities and student dormitories in the immediate vicinity. Nevertheless, the demand for housing is growing steadily. Due to the current pandemic, we have all experienced in different ways how important our own living space and togetherness within society is. Living with old and young" is an alternative form of housing that addresses this issue and offers great potential for bringing together different social groups. Thus, a place is to be created on the planning area that creates synergies between students, seniors and families. In addition to the mixed housing units and the new kindergarten, a central meeting place for young and old is to be created. A forum where people can work together, spend time together and, above all, learn from each other.


Examiner: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christa Reicher
Co-Examiner: apl. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Bauassessor Rolf Westerheide
Supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Klozoris

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